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Why AirCovers?

Reason #1: Venties AirCovers offer amazing breathability


Venties AirCovers™ use a technical fabric that includes a porous, waterproof membrane (like Gore-Tex®) that allows your baby to stay comfortable and dry. Above is a diagram showing a microscopic view of the Venties AirCover fabric (left), and polyurethane (PU)-coated fabric (right), which is used in other waterproof diaper covers. 

As you can see, Venties AirCover fabric allows moisture vapour molecules from a baby's body and diaper to escape.

Reason #2. AirCovers are leakproof

Although moisture vapour can escape, liquids remain inside the diaper because water molecules are too big to escape the waterproof-breathable membrane. There is never any worry about the cover leaking through or 'sweating out' as there might be with a wool or fleece diaper cover.

Reason #3. AirCovers are easy to use

'Easy' is one of our core values. Cloth diapering should be as easy and simple as possible so that changing your baby is a pleasure.

So what makes our diaper covers 'easy'?

  • they can be machine washed and dried
  • they wash up well with normal detergents
  • they have a simple design that can be used it with minimal instruction
  • they don't leak (the waterproof-breathable membrane, gussets, and proper fit help with this)
  • they're made of sturdy, long-lasting materials that continue to look and feel good after lots of washing

Reason #4. They're a responsible choice

Just like the little people they were intended for, Venties products leave a small footprint.

When you use our cloth diapers:

  • Far less waste enters the landfill—disposable diapers for one child until potty training will occupy about 340 cubic feet of landfill space*—that's a little less than the volume of the drum of a concrete mixer (source).
  • Far less money is spent—it costs about $2,200 to put one child through disposable diapers to potty training**.  It costs about $1,500 with Venties cloth diapers. Also note that Venties can be re-used for multiple children, so the cost savings is compounded ($4,400 and $6,600 for two and three children in disposables vs. a  steady $1,500 for cloth diapers for any number of babies).

*Assumes the diaper is 6"x 6" x 3", and that you are using 6 diapers a day for 2.5 years.

**Assumes you are using 6 diapers a day for 2.5 years, with a box of 74 diapers costing $30.