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How many?

Normally we would suggest buying a few different brands to see what you like best, but we are so confident in Venties AirCovers and diapers, that we think going 'all in' is actually a wise strategy. Remember: Venties are workhorses—they are durable diapers that wash up easily and can be used no matter the situation, from bike rides around the city to tenting in the wilderness.

So how many should you have?

Venties suggests that you have the following in your stash...

  • XS prefold cloth diapers: 24
  • S prefold cloth diapers: 24
  • M prefold cloth diapers: 24
  • L prefold cloth diapers: 12
  • XS AirCovers: 6
  • S AirCovers: 6
  • M AirCovers: 8
  • L AirCovers: 6

We recommend that you start with 24 Newborn (XS) prefold diapers, because you really do need a lot of cloth diapers at this stage. You'll be changing baby very often, sometimes every hour. The nice thing about these tiny diapers is that they can be reused at nighttime as a doubler in larger babies' diapers. So even though they might only last a month as a newborn diaper, they can continue to be used as your baby grows.

For Newborn (XS) covers, we say 6 is a good number, to start. You might think that this is a little on the low side. There are two reasons for this:

  1. You can reuse the same covers with multiple cloth diapers. Just make sure the covers aren't soiled, and let them dry out between wears.
  2. Newborn babies don't stay small for very long, and so for many parents, it's just not worth it to invest in, say, 12 Newborn diaper covers when they'll only be using them for a few weeks. (In the case of my daughter, she was born 5 lbs 15 oz. and grew to 8 lbs in about 2 weeks.)

That said, if you're OK with only using the covers for a small amount of time, the Newborn covers fit so much better than the Smalls on a little newborn baby, it might be worth it to you to invest in a few more. It's really up to you—just know that they'll spend less time in the rotation.

The Newborn covers fit so much better
than the Smalls on a little newborn baby,
it might be worth it to invest in a few more

For the Small size, we recommend 24 diapers and 6 covers, because again, baby is still small, and likely to need that many.

For the Medium size, 24 cloth diapers is still a good number. Babies are in Mediums for much longer than the Newborn and Small sizes, so although there are way fewer diaper changes, there is much more wear-and-tear on them. We suggest a few more Medium covers (8) for the same reason--to spread the wear across multiples and increase their longevity.

Finally, for the Large size, we suggest fewer, to start. That's because you might not need them, as the Mediums often take baby to potty training. If they don't, then at that point, get yourself some Larges.

Hope that makes sense, and happy diapering!

Christina & Bruce