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From kiddie pools to camp-outs

We've got your baby covered

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Venties AirCovers™ are highly breathable cloth diaper covers that are also waterproof...from the inside. AirCovers' unique 3-layer fabric keeps your baby comfortable and dry no matter what adventure you embark on, whether it's a jaunt to the market, a day at the beach, or canoe trip in the wilderness. So boldly venture off the beaten track, because Venties has got your baby covered.

How do they work?

Waterproof-breathable fabric

This fabric sounds a lot like Gore-Tex®...

It IS a lot like Gore-Tex®! Except we think that it's even MORE breathable (we're biased). Check out the picture below.

Venties AirCover™ Fabric, put to the test

Ok. I get how this works with rain gear...but diaper covers?

The principles are the same for diaper covers as they are for rain jackets, but the source of liquid water is different. Whereas a raincoat tries to keep liquid OUT, the diaper cover tries to keep liquid IN. It is important to note that moisture VAPOUR is still able to escape the diaper cover because the vapour molecules fit through the fabric's tiny holes.

I'm still not sure. Will these covers hold up?

Yes! Our AirCovers™ and cloth diapers are workhorses. The materials are durable and the workmanship is top-notch. We've tested them out on many babies, and parents are all really happy with their quality and longevity.

From a dad who uses cloth diapers on three kids:

"We have been using cloth since day 1
and so I have some opinions on them.
The covers you make are by far the best—
such high quality materials, stitching, and I love
the double elastic. Our daughter has been
wearing them every day.
                                                               Philip Smith