Why Venties?

Venties AirCovers™ use a highly porous, breathable fabric that is great for keeping baby comfortable and dry. Below is a diagram showing a microscopic view of the Venties AirCover™ fabric (left), and polyurethane (PU)-coated fabric (right), which is used in other waterproof diaper covers.



Venties AirCovers™ allow moisture vapour molecules from a baby’s body and diaper to escape. The diaper breathes, which means that your baby will be drier and happier between changes. Liquids remain inside the diaper because water molecules are too big to escape. Because the cover is waterproof, there is never any worry about the cover ‘sweating out’ as there might be with a wool cover.

‘Easy’ is one of our core values, at least when it comes to cloth diapering.  As awesome as our diapers and covers are, they really should fade into the background while you and your baby get out and do other things, like trek around Pink Lake, take in the Musical Ride, or tear around the splash pad.


Lakeside strolls, the Musical Ride, and the splash pad: Not times when you want to be thinking about diapers.

So what makes our cloth diapers and covers ‘easy’?

  • they can be machine washed and dried
  • they wash up well with normal detergents
  • they have a simple design that can be used it with minimal instruction
  • they don’t leak (gussets and proper fit help with this)
  • they’re long-lasting so you can forget about cloth diapers after your initial investment

Just like the little people they were intended for, Venties products leave a small footprint.

When you use our cloth diapers:

  • Far less waste enters the landfill–disposable diapers for one child until potty training will occupy about 340 cubic feet of landfill space* — that’s a little less than the volume of the drum of a concrete mixer (source).


  • Far less money is spent–it costs about $2200 to put one child through disposable diapers to potty training**.  It costs about $1000 with Venties products. Also note that Venties can be used across multiple children, so the cost savings is compounded ($4400 and $6600 for two and three children in disposables vs. a  steady $1000 for cloth diapers for any number of babies).


*Assumes the diaper is 6″x 6″ x 3″, and that you are using 6 diapers a day for 2.5 years.

**Assumes you are using 6 diapers a day for 2.5 years, with a box of 74 diapers costing $30.